Ninjakos attacks

The intentional and malicious destruction of or damage to the property of another. This is the legal definition of vandalism. What I’m trying to do here, is to use vandalism as a tool to make art.

These are three vandalized versions of artworks that three particular people really like.

 “My body as a paradox of praxis’, “Ninja bomber” and “Hot pink posca line on 6 unpaid working class women” refer to artworks that have already been done by Francis Alÿs, Wolf Vostell and Santiago Sierra.

Three successful male artists, that I personally like too.

No, this is not targeted, three people told me who their favorite male artist was, which was their favorite artwork by them and Ninjakos did the rest. By vandalizing these pieces, I eventually make a comment on the art scene today and how most of the artworks that I see on galleries or on exhibitions have that “serious” effect in them, hence making the art world a really elitist place.
In the context of the ASFA Showcase 2/ that shit is amazing/ exhibition curated by Kostis Stafylakis Artistic Director of ViZ Laboratory for Visual Culture

Athens, Greece, 2019
“My body as a paradox of Praxis”, video, special thanks to Andreas Venetis
“Ninja bomber”, print, 100×68
“Hot pink posca line on 6 unpaid working class women”, gif, special thanks to tanya Varveri, Eleonora chantzara, Anastasia Pampouropoulou, Katerina Pataka, Anna Psillou, Danae Sklavou.


A macho creature, not being sorry for its actions, but managing to make you laugh and have fun appeared for the first time in public.
Dancing and working out on greek trap music making people feel uncomfortable when being received a letter from it.
In the context of Criss Cross 2 | Studying Encounters is part of the project CRISS CROSS | ARTIST-ON-ARTIST COΝVERGENCES by Eva Giannakopoulou, Yiannis Melanitis and Panos Sklavenitis.

Athens, Greece, 2019, performance

cHaIn NoVel

Where to find my socks in my edgelord boyfriend’s bedroom?

I didn’t find my socks but I found this.


Tendinitis changed my life

Storytelling has been a really useful tool for my practice. They help me communicate exactly what i want to say in a very direct and clear way. In this piece, I told the story of how through playing badminton, I got tendinitis, and then started doing art.
Athens, Greece, 2019, storytelling

You are invited to do whatever you want to my story

During the workshop Asfalab12 and Snehta residency had, we were invited to explore different places in the area of Kypseli. Ι decided to tell them a story or better yet, show them. After I had my story displayed on my laptop I asked them to change it. This story that had started out as an experience of mine I had a day before I came to snehta turned into a mass of gestures.

You can also download the finished text.
‘Treasurehunt 1″, collaboration Snehta Residency and Asfalab12
Athens,Greece, 2019, interactive installation

Why Dilaveri is the new Acropolis

Continuing with the issue of the Acropolis, she then proposed a better place to create “The New Acropolis” (unfortunately they have already stolen this name). she introduced the reasons why Dilaveri, a hill on the northen suburbs of Athens, should be the place where the New Acropolis will be placed, as well as the reasons why this should be done! She did that while eating, pasta and kebab.

If not Ksilokati, the epitome of a greek trash feminity, then who? If not in Metamorphosi, with the ugly pricy buildings the suburbs provide us with, then where?

In the context of “The Garden of Dystopian Pleasures”, the fourth edition of ASFA BBQ, curated by the conceptual art duo FYTA, alongside the newly-founded think-tank ‘Ministry of Post-Truth’

Athens, Greece,2018, performance, special thanks to Laurentiu Sarjan and Konstantinos Vakidis.

Ksilokati is better than the Acropolis

Ksilokati went for the first time in Acropolis. She saw it, she did not like it, she decided.
Going there and seeing Acropolis for the first time wasn’t enjoyful at all for her. She asked if she could buy Acrpolis. They denied. And so, she created a Facebook page sabotaging Acropolis, saying how much better she is.

November 3, November 8, November 15, 2017, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece.
In the context of Actopolis – Soft Power Lectures exhibition, curated by Elpida Karaba and Glykeria Stathopoulou.
Coordination: Panos Sklavenitis.
Performace, special thanks to Tanya Varveri, Haris Vlahos, Zoe Prasinou, Anna Psillou, Danae Sklavou

How to be a diva

Based on the image that my mother has of what femininity means in combination with a video on youtube “how to be a diva” Ksilokati was created.
She introduced a new way to translate what it means being such.
Ksilokati is no ordinary woman and the need to show the world her femininity and how true women behave, is huge. And, so she does.
Athens, Greece, 2017, Performance and installation

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